My name is Moshe Kinn and welcome to my website .

When most people hear about the idea to use direct current electricity, (DC Voltage) in the home, their first reaction is, “…hang on,  you are way off, this argument was won by alternating  current (AC voltage) over a century ago, why would any thinking and rational person want to, or even think, that it is normal to change…” I also get “… there were valid reasons why AC won out over DC so why do you think that everyone has got it wrong over the last century?…”  …remember Tesla and Edison…”

This website is dedicated to my work and thoughts on achieving the goal of  a decentralised energy generating system which will provide individual household energy independence, with DC electricity in the home.

The tabs at the top are static pages with my papers including my MPhil Thesis which can be downloaded for reading at your leisure.