Doctoral Thesis (2016)
Title : An Analysis of the Sociotechnical Transition Process from the Existing Centralised Alternating Current Voltage Electrical System in the UK to One Where Distributed Direct Current Voltage is Used to Meet The Energy Needs of  the Built Environment.
Author : Moshe Chaim Kinn
Publisher: The University of Salford, Manchester
For a full pdf of the thesis Download it here

Masters Thesis (2011)
Title : Benefits of Direct Current Electricity Supply for Domestic Application
Author : Moshe Chaim Kinn
Publisher: The University of Manchester UK
For a full pdf of the thesis Download it here and Download the Appendix here.

Peer Reviewed (2011)
Title : Proposed components for the design of a smart nano-grid for a domestic electrical system that operates at below 50V DC
Author : Moshe Chaim Kinn
Publisher: Proceedings of 2nd IEEE PES International Conference and Exhibition on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT Europe) December 5-7 2011, Manchester, England UK
You can download this paper here Please take care to read the IEEE copyright information.

Peer Reviewed (2014)
Title : To what Extent is Electricity Central to Resilience and Disaster Management of the Built Environment?
Author : Moshe Chaim Kinn
Co-Author: Carl Abbott
Publisher: Procedia Economics and Finance, 18, 238-246. 2014 4th International Conference on Building Resilience, Incorporating the 3rd Annual Conference of the ANDROID Disaster Resilience Network Salford Quays, United Kingdom. It can be downloaded here

Book Chapter (2015)
Title : Solar hydrogen energy systems: A magic bullet for global sustainable urbanisation
Chapter Author : Moshe Chaim Kinn
e-book editors: Jenna Condie and Anna Mary Cooper
This is Chapter 56 in an e-book entitled, Dialogues Of Sustainable Urbanisation: Social Science Research And Transitions To Urban Contexts Download the chapter here

For the whole book see website International Social Sciences Council website

Paper presented at Darnell Conference (2009)
Title : An exploration of the technical and economic feasibility of a low powered DC voltage mains power supply in the domestic arena
Author : Moshe Chaim Kinn
Green Building Power Forum, Anaheim, California, USA , 2009. A Darnell Conference
Download this paper here

Input paper to UNISDR (2014)
Title : The use of direct current voltage systems to increase a city’s resilience and reduce the vulnerability of economic activity from a disaster
Author : Moshe Chaim Kinn
Co-Author : Carl Abbott
Input paper to the Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015 (GAR15) an output report of the UNISDR .  This input paper can be downloaded hear or from the UNISDR website and search for Kinn within this page.

Policy Brief (2015)
Title: The centrality of electricity supply for global sustainable development
Author : Moshe Chaim Kinn
Co-Author : Carl Abbott
An input brief to the Global Sustainability Development Report (GSDR15), the policy brief and can be can be downloaded hear.

Also see Global Sustainable Development Report 2016 which cites my research

Conferences paper  (2013)
Title : The sociotechnical regime networks associated with the implementation of direct current (DC) electricity in the built environment
Author : Moshe Chaim Kinn
Co-Author : Carl Abbott
Paper presented at the International Postgraduate Research Conference, the University of Salford, Manchester, UK, 2013 (no proceedings were published for this conference, but all presented papers were disseminated via memory stick)

Call for evidence (2015)
Submission to the Energy and Climate Change Committee of the House of Commons. Submitted 08/09/2015 evidence number EPC0005 See Parliament’s website for the written evidence.

Oral Evidence (2015)
Evidence presented to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee Conference on the Government’s Approach to Sustainable Development, House of Commons, October 2015
Published on 10 November 2015 by House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee under Question 9 of evidence, which can be downloaded from Parliament’s website.

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